Creativity Squads

Awakening creativity and new learning methods inside individuals, universities, communities and organisations. From learners to learners.

“It made me review everything about me”


A Creativity Squad is a voluntary group of people (2-7 persons) that conducts creative actions (e.g. gatherings and workshops) in a local area, to meet persons from different backgrounds and boost the creativity of people.


All the people who are interested in creativity and are willing to spread it around. We already have people from engineers and entrepreneurs to “figuring out what to do in life” persons. Thus, do not think you are lacking a certain skill.


A creativity squad can exists anywhere in the world, and it can operate in local language.

Existing squads (in Finland): Jyväskylä, Tampere, Helsinki and Vaasa.

Our vision is to create the largest network in the world that can help to flourish creative actions, inspire people and focus on self-development

What benefits you will get from being a Creativity Squad member?

  • You will get access to our method base (there you can find instructions how to run different actions related creativity, drama, design and self-development) 
  • You will network with creative people who want to open their mind and work with people from different fields
  • You will get access to the Creativity Squads VIP learning community group, and get us as your colleagues
  • You get to use Creativity Squads' name freely in your events
  • On LinkedIn, you’ll get to mention that you belong to a Creativity Squad
  • You’ll get the opportunity to spread creativity around the world : )
  • And it's all FREE

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How to join

The first Creativity Squads application is now open until the 12th of March.

Apply here

“Summer of 2016 was a whole different season for me. Sitting behind the desk and chairs in school make you wonder what if there were a new style of education with much more enjoyable activities. Talking with others about your failures and how to embrace them sounds scary to me, as a shy introverted guy, however when you feel the atmosphere and attitude of others it became easy and relaxing. I was stunned by the subjects we went through in summer school; represent your ideas by handcrafting, dance and move when your eyes are closed was exciting for me with such a talented group of instructors. Now, back in normal school I missed being with lovely friends of mine. Hope all the classes were like this!”
Mohammad Hosseini
Engineering Student at Tampere University of Technology