What benefits you will get from being a Creativity Squad member?

  • You will get access to our method base (there you can find instructions how to run different actions related creativity, drama, design and self-development) 
  • You will network with creative people who want to open their mind and work with people from different fields
  • You will get access to the Creativity Squads VIP learning community group, and get us as your colleagues
  • You get to use Creativity Squads' name freely in your events
  • On LinkedIn, you’ll get to mention that you belong to a Creativity Squad
  • You’ll get the opportunity to spread Creative Self-Leadership around the world : )


We will also look for local mentors (guardians) for the squads, So, you will be able to get experience from them. Overall, we want to create a community from which you can get support anywhere you are, and you can be proud of belonging to.