Studies show that creativity and self-leadership are important predictors of individual innovation skills, which provide a basis for individuals’ and organizations’ high performance. They also improve competitiveness and enhance long-term success.

From the beginning, Creativity Squads has focused on inspiring people to find a meaningful path in life, which has led us to host many discussions on creativity and self-development. This has resulted in us focusing on developing a totally unique concept that we call Creative Self- Leadership. 

When talking about Self-Leadership, we often only focus on time management, to-do lists, habits, and so on. In other words, we focus on the processes that help us manage our lives. Processes are important, of course, but our Creative Self-Leadership concept is more intended for concentrating on the things in the back of our mind. These are things that affect our daily life and behavior: fears, failures, the growth mindset, empathy, trust etc. Sometimes, you cannot even realize these feelings and ideas exist and even if you you do, it’s difficult to talk about them. We wanted to create a space and plug&play tools for exploring them, getting inspired by them, and sharing them with others. With the canvases in this workbook, you can learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. We also hope you can help others learn about themselves.

It’s serious fun.

Send us an email to receive your copy of the Creative Self-Leadership Workbook. It consists of 15 canvases, theories and instructions to host the sessions.