According to studies, creativity and self-leadership are important predictors of individual innovation skills. As a result, these skills provide a basis for an individual’s and organization’s high performance. They also improve competitiveness, and enhance long-term success.

From the beginning, Creativity Squads have wanted to help people to feel inspired and find a meaningful path in life. That has led us hosting many discussions about creativity and self-development. Eventually, this has made us to focus on developing a totally unique ensemble, Creative Self Leadership.

In the Creative Self-Leadership actions, we’ll take a deep dive into our creativity and  self-leadership skills! We are seeking answers to questions about our creativity, fears, failures, perception about ourselves, and of course, what Creative Self-Leadership means on an individual, group, and holistic level, how to feed it and how to put it in action.

The Creative Self-Leadership is currently under development. We hosted our first session abot it in the biggest learning event in Finland, Dare to Learn 2017.

Dr John Ng divides self-leadership into four areas:

  • Self-awareness: The ability to acknowledge, understand and be conscious of one’s own values, perspectives, strengths, weaknesses, leadership propensity and emotional needs.
  • Self-management: The ability to nurture and harness one’s own passion, abilities, emotions and leadership capacity in decision- making.
  • Other-awareness: The ability to acknowledge and recognize the passion, gifting, strengths, weaknesses, potential and needs of others.
  • Other-management: The ability to grow and motivate other people to develop their potential and/or  fulfil the organization’s objectives.

Great leaders begin with self-awareness and move to self-management, then proceed to other-awareness culminating in other-management. It is not a linear but an interactive effect among all four factors.

Some leaders are conscious of themselves, their personalities, idiosyncrasies, motivations, and competencies but they cannot manage themselves, especially their emotions and weaknesses. They lack self-control, lose their cool, become unusually critical, behave inappropriately, want to do everything, and are unable to keep their pride in check.

Creativity is a very personal thing and self-leadership is  a very personal thing. That's why Creative Self-Leadership is also a personal thing.

Below you can find the Creative Self-Leadership canvas that can be used to define what the Creative Self-Leadership means to you.

The canvas consists of four parts:

That is supposed to make you think about the different areas of self-leadership and creativity. How you are acting towards yourself and towards others, and what kind of feelings you have in that sense.

Base on your thoughts you will define Creative Self-Leadership in your own words

Many say that habits are the base of learning. Here you create one habit that you could start to use to foster creative self leadership (in your personal life or in your organization)

Reflection is another vital part of effective learning. So, here you define a place and people who you are going to reflect your canvas with. It's recommended that you take action while filling the canvas. Just call or text the person, and settle a time for reflection

(Date and Sign)
To finish the canvas. Put a date on it and sign it.