Wondering about your goals & plans for future?

Do you know your next steps?

80% of the world’s population don’t know what to do in life and a half feels like changing something but don’t know where to start.

1,5-day long event aimed to support you in defining your life direction and designing the right way to achieve it.

In 12 hours you will go through intensive individual and team work exercises to help you to:

Explore your thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, fears, wishes and desires, learn how to listen to yourself

Discover areas that you want to change or improve and learn how to boost your creativity and motivation, manage stress and take control over obstacles

Design your next steps, create personal roadmap and receive feedback

The content of the event is based on Life Design Concept and we follow Design thinking methodology taking best out of each stage:

  • Accept – accept your current situation

  • Empathize – open your mind – talk, share and learn from others!

  • Identify – focus – point out what’s important for you and what you want to improve.

  • Ideate – go out of the box – create an alternative look for a possible solution, paths, methods.

  • Prototype – try it out -visualize your way and create a plan.

  • Test – share your plan and check if it works!

Are you ready for shape
your future?

Self - HackED

Participants about Self - Hack

I’ve learnt to be brutally honest with myself and not let societal norms and expectations dictate my life decisions. Before I could tackle other issues, achieving self-awareness was the first step to help me be clear about who I really am in order to better decide what is best for me and have better control over my life.​
Isabell Koh
Mechanical Engineering Student
I’ve spent 3 great days with Self-Hack guys! Cleared my goals, focused on right things, learned how to find balance. Started ACTION! Days became a lot more productive 😉
I’m waiting for our next meeting!
Niia Kviatkovskaia
CEO and Co-founder at Numerum Oy