Let's design our lives together! ​

5 - 6 April
One weekend, one goal, different cities

Do you want to be a part of huge life-hacking?

Join Self-Hack day – become participants, host or partner!


We want to give everyone possibility to attend our workshops and make a step towards more mindful and fulfilling life. All we create, is meant to open and scalable.

Now – it’s time to spread it around the world!

During the first weekend of April, we will connect individuals in different locations under one huge Self-Hack.


Call for Facilitators

We are now looking for facilitators to each city to host a Self-Hack there locally. Becoming a Self-Hack facilitator means that you will get a certificate to be an official Self-Hack facilitator and you are able to travel anywhere, where ever somebody wants to organize a Self-Hack.

We have a first pilot training coming for facilitators. You can apply for a facilitator position here.

Deadline: March 3, 2019.

One location can send max 2 facilitators to the training camp.

Call for Partners & Sponsors

Yes, partners— we need you to make it happen!

Whether is financial support or help with printing/food/promotion — let’s do it together! We wish to cooperate with one national partner for the whole campaign, but we won’t limit our partnerships — we appreciate all forms of collaboration.

We are not aiming at making millions of euros money with this. This is a non-profit initiative. Each location participating in Self — Hack Finland can also find up to two local partners.

Here is a link to our sponsor’s package — take a look at how can we work together.

We believe that human’s potential is priceless. Helping people to discover their strengths and dreams is the only way we can create a fulfilling future — both for individuals and society.

Contact us:

Vesa-Matti Ruottinen

Anna Pilch