Vesa-Matti Ruottinen

+358 40 8372696

Vesa-Matti is an awesome person who always want to help people to reach their dreams. He’s inspiration is very contagious. He is a community builder, dancer, facilitator, writer, speaker and a spirit animal who has a creative and rational sides. 

Anna Pilch

MA Applied Psychology
Content manager and coach
+48 880296376

Anna is a enthusiast that always drivesgetting people to get the best out of themselves. She has a background from bigger organisations and startups. She is the one who really gets you to set your goals and act upon them. 

Heikki Salo

Heikki Salo

+358 40 861 3255

Heikki is a person who creates strong visuals with his own distinctive and very simple style. He is a team player with hard working spirit. He does nothing that is not necessary but instead focuses on critical things and makes them shine. 


Santeri Tuovila

Asian director
+358 50 4350526

Santeri is our director in Asia region. He has a strong willpower to make others succeed and always find a solution that suits for everything. There is no case that he cannot solve or implement. He is reliable and honest in business and in social life. Santeri has been involved in several NGO’s  and companies development and knows how to drive things forward in an effective way.

David Vasquez

Account manager
+358 40 963 4236

David is the guy who knows about finance and is the backbone in those issues. He is a manager who always tries help people to discover their feelings in a meaningful way.